Tablet battery not charging

It charges when it’s turned off, so the charger and the battery work, but while Manjaro is running it doesn’t even show it being connected to the charger, acpi says it’s discharging.
The battery percentage is displayed and updated correctly, when I connect and disconnect the charger there’s a feedback tune, but it doesn’t charge.

The tablet is a Pipo W2F, it originally had Windows and Android, both charged.

I checked with inxi and for batter model it says “N/A”. I’ll post the full output once I charged it a bit.

Turns out my main problem was that I was using a charger with 1 A output instead of the 2.5 A charger that came with the tablet. Overall it still uses power faster than it’s getting it, but that’s an issue for another thread, if I can’t solve that myself.

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