Systemtray bluetooth menu is empty after latest updates

After this update I changed to kernel 5.16.2-1. So it might not be the update issue, but the system tray bluetooth menu instead of showing paired devices, shows a blank menu with the option to add a device. It takes it approximately a minute to load in the devices.

After typing in: sudo systemctl restart bluetooth the menu with the paired devices is restored.

Will change to the new LTS kernel for a while to see if the bluetooth hiccup is the new kernel bug.

Just letting you know.

Edit: changed to kernel 5.15.16-1. the system tray bluetooth menu issue resolved itself.

Thus - kernel 5.16.2-1 issue on Manjaro.


I have this and maybe more.
With kernel 5.16.2-1 I have the exact problem. But I also have this problem with 5.15.16-1 and 5.10.

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I also have found now that I have it on 5.15.16-1.

So, there’s something with the update.

Can somebody split it into a separate support topic?

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Thank you @freggel.doe for splitting the topic.

I’m on kernel 5.15 (LTS) and also experiencing this issue.


Are you using kde? ther’es a problem with it KDE Bluetooth devices disappears after locking the device

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I have found that workaround myself. Would be cool to have an actual solution.

Thanks for referring though.