systemsettings5 segmentation fault after an upgrade

i just updated my system by doing pamac update and did a reboot. after it finished booting up, i can’t open system settings at all.

here’s what it says with gdb, but i don’t understand it at all

i did checked the similar topic but it didn’t work for me

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Just a hunch … but maybe there is a foreign package taking the place of a system one when it should not?

pacman -Qm

there’s no foreign package that’s out of place here - i think

$ ~  pacman -Qm
adduser 1.17-3
dtc-git 1.7.0.r19.g2cdf93a-1
edid-decode-git r649.915b0ce-1
find-the-command 2.0.1-1
google-chrome 113.0.5672.92-1
libgbinder 1.1.30-1
libglibutil 1.0.67-1
libsidplay 1.36.59-10
lzma-sdk 21.07-0
makehuman 1.2.0-7
nomachine 8.3.1-1
python-gbinder 1.1.1-1
smem 1.5-3
systemd-fsck-silent 239-1
teamviewer 15.38.3-1
waydroid-git 1.3.4.r57.g807341e-1
xvkbd 4.1-1

i was able to open the setting by running:

(i got that from here)

AFAIK running pkexec without arguments will run it as root so i don’t really want to continue doing that since I wouldn’t know if running it as root would break something