Systems Settings Backup Tool

System Settings Backup tool
I set up a a plan
I click on the icon in the tray
Neither button launches or shows files

You are talking about Kup - KDE Applications … We don’t know how you created those backup plans and how is scheduled, from where to where, and to be honest, the tray icon requires right click to either Reload backups plans or to Configure Kup.

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Thanks for the reply

Systems Settings>Personalization>Backup
Tabs for
Backup Type

I filled out all the info

Left Clicking on the Icon in the tray, drops down
<Backup Status Refresh[icon] Configure[icon] Pin[icon]

Backup Plan 1
New backup needed
This backup has never been run
Save New Backup[button] Show Files[button]

Right Click
Reload Backup Plans[no effect apparent]
Configure Kup [takes me back to the System Settings page]

I got kbackup to work but the output is an archive too big to unpack anywhere, of my entire home
Backintime does the entire Home nested in 10 times or so

I only want to backup content, 17 folders, there are probably 10 more folders & many hidden files I don’t want

Any solution [samba] that requires much of anything on the command line is above my skill set
The only sharing thing I can get to work is Connect, limited to one file at a time
All the sharing stuff loses configuration after a restart
Probably some static port thing is possible, but over my head or involves my router
I have no skill at command line stuff, which always requires I be able to troubleshoot the grammar errors that

I’ll just drag n drop on Dolphin, without a simple GUI based backup & or sharing solution

Yes, Kup will create a .bup file and will be big if your source is big. If is the entire home directory of your user, it will contain also cache files from ~/.cache folder - and that can be big.

Then select only those and do not include all the hidden files and folders.

Kup only supports either a separate local drive that is not mounted in your home, so will not backup itself into itself, or external USB drives for destination.

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KUP is fine, meets all my criteria, if only it would start?
I set up new plans, renamed/reformatted the hdd, no joy
How to troubleshoot?

Only an internal 2nd hdd? from the description on Discovery
“Kup is created for helping people to keep up-to-date backups of their personal files. Connecting a USB hard drive is the primary supported way to store files, but saving files to a server over a network connection is also possible for advanced users.”

I am trying to backup to a HDD plugged into usb3
The hdd formatted brtfs, I reformatted to fat ex also no joy
Any way to run verbose from a terminal [hope for a clue of what the hold up is]