Systemmonitor with Send/Receive in total

I would like to see the total amount of data Send/Receive in the Systemmonitor for Network (KSysGuard) like in other distros.


I didn’t see any option for that, but maybe I missed it?

You can customize that view and/or add third-party plugins. :arrow_down:

I display it in a smaller way

and would like just the total amount of Send/Receive data added, but didn’t see any option for that.
I looked through all the imports as well, but none of those offers that tiny addition and keep the rest as it is!
Any idea for that?

You have to edit the sensors. I don’t know whether it allows you to see the total, but you should be able to add a new view with a bar chart, and then you can drag both the download and upload to the same bar graph.

You can also use a numerical representation instead of a graph, by the way, and there you can add the two sensors to the same field as well.

I would like it as it is, just include the total data!
I’ve tried it with a new sensor tab, created all 3 sensor as there were before, but still can’t find an option to add the total amount (Send/Receive).
The enormous flexibility of KDE makes me wonder about that.

You can install third-party tabs that might offer that possibility, if your system has the required sensors.

We are going in a loop.
I would like it as it is, just include/add the total data (Send/Receive) and as I said, none of the third-party tabs offer what I want, I checked them all.
That’s why I put it first in the rubric ‘Suggestions’, before you moved it.

There is nothing Manjaro can do about that. We don’t develop Plasma. We simply package it. But feel free to file a feature request at :man_shrugging:

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