Systemd unit startup

The answer lies with the message you initially posted.

So the name resolution is not yet functional at the time of execution which I presume is at boot…

It is only the PreExec executing git pull which requires the dns so you could simply remove those. Then you can figure out another means of updating the dashboard sources.

Sounds good, ill just remove the ExecStartPre’s.

@linux-aarhus Time of execution should be after the network is online, isn’t it? It’s configured like that.

presumably - yes - but evidently the resolver is not functional as seen from the message - why - I have no idea - systemd sometimes behaves in contradiction to it’s documentation.

I have learned the hard way that some Wants, Requires and After should not be included as they may create self referencing loops or contradictions which in turn creates mysterious messages in the system log.

You can also try to delay the service somewhat by using

ExecStartPre=sleep 30