Systemd-swap deprecated, how to zswap without it?

A few years ago I enabled zswap with systemd-swap on one or more of my Manjaro systems. Now wishing to enable zswap on another system I was reviewing procedures to do so and came across this post: [arch-dev-public] Deprecating systemd-swap. Indeed the last systemd-swap GitHub release was August 2020. Thus it may be wise to avoid further use of systemd-swap.

The Manjaro wiki Swap page still instructs the use of systemd-swap with zswap, but I am aware zswap can be enabled without the use of systemd-swap, so I was wondering if there is a best or correct way to do this during boot on a Manjaro system?

Did you also read the arch wiki?


I did have a look at the Arch wiki, but it was not the first thing that I read. Does “All officially supported kernels have zswap enabled by default” mean that zswap is already active and running by default on Manjaro systems and we do not have to do anything to activate it ?

If so then apologies for my confusion, I had read the Manjaro wiki Swap page followed by various internet searches and (with caution) Google Bard and ChatGPT and the results implied to me I needed to take additional steps to activate zswap.

In my case:

zgrep CONFIG_ZSWAP_DEFAULT_ON /proc/config.gz



So it seems to be enabled :wink: