Systemd service to start bluetooth on laptop

I want to start bluetooth with my laptop (default is power off) on kde.
I have enabled it with systemctl enable.
If i start manually (systemctl start bt) it works.
But when I restart its not powering on the bluetooth.
Possibly its happening to early in the boot process? Or I need it to happen after login?


Description=Bluetooth Power On bluetooth.service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluetoothctl power on
ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluetoothctl discoverable on
ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluetoothctl pairable on


If the service is actually bt.service, compare that with bluetooth.service as it is specified in the unit file…

Now, what do you think is wrong with this?


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edit the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf - please see Bluetooth - ArchWiki

An alternative solution is to tell TLP (there is a nice gui tlpui) to remember the last state and restore is on startup. That is what i did.

Hi @gibbz,

You need to enable the service to haver it start at boot:

sudo systemctl enable bt

Hope this helps!

Looks like they tried something similar:

Missed that, my humble apologies to everyone involved.

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