Systemd gui? Im sure there used to be many

cant find any systemd control gui at all?

am i blind, probably ^^

im on kde plasma6 but anything that works would be great.


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ahh, ok thank you. Wonder why i couldn’t find that in any searches.

Cheers :slight_smile:

It used to exist as a kcm.
Now it does not.
(not even in the AUR)

I think maybe this is the github source of the original. Notice it hasnt had any changes for 5 years.
(so very not ok for plasma 6)

The quick note version of events is roughly:

systemd-kcm became too large and unwieldy and sort of outgrew its kcm placement.
systemdgenie is the standalone application replacement.

Yea i had already been searching

kcmshell6 --list shows nothing any more.

Im not sure about this systemdgenie, i don’t know if its just me but i don’t remember the kde5 kcm version keep freezing all the time. On systemdgenie when i start typing in the search area it freezes for 20 secs, it also freezes when switching about tabs as well and just clicking/right clicking on a service, even just closing the window. Hmm, i reopened the gui and it was ok for a while but after clicking around for a bit and searching things it starts freezing for periods, it does not always do it but its seems a bit hit and miss.

There is also systemadm but it is even buggier and looks like an abandoned project. So that leaves us with Systemdgenie.
If there is a third project for a systemd gui, i am not aware of it. I searched long too.

Ok no problem, i shall just learn systemd without the benefit of having the aid of visualizing it via a gui. I learn so much better with a visual model.

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if for logs ? we have :

my BIG problem with systemdgenie : no display/edit unit.d/override.conf

No, for services. Systemdgenie generally works, but freezes after some time.

p.s. i just found a 3rd project in AUR: systemd-manager - compiles, but does not start at all.

systemd-manager-git works. You do have to enter your password to launch it, so it is obviously aimed more at managing system services rather than user services (although I only had it open for a moment, so didn’t check out all of its features).


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