System76-driver 20.04.30-1 - question, please

Hello AUR team -
I have a System76 machine and will probably get another in the next year, and have a question about the system76-driver 20.04.30-1 available from the AUR. I’m not sure how to analyze the AUR notes to understand if this is currently supported, and if so, if it’s the same as what’s installed if I were to run Pop!_OS.
thanks for your advice.

Manjaro does not have an AUR team.

Have you tried installing the package, and seeing if it works?

What notes are you referring to?

Yes, it’s the same. I’m the AUR maintainer for a good portion of the System76 AUR packages including this one, by the way.


I’ve installed it and it works fine from what I can tell, although I’ve never been sure what all is included in this driver. My machine is pretty old so some of the features supported in the driver (like the ability to support different colored keyboard backlighting (I think)) are not available on this rig.

As for notes, I’m referring to this: AUR (en) - system76-driver

As for “AUR team” I only meant the AUR group on the forum.


It depends on which model. Open the System76 Driver application from your menu and click the Install Drivers button if you haven’t already. Then click on Driver installation details to see what has been applied.

You didn’t link to a specific comment, so I’m still not sure what you’re referring to.