System update was interrupted, followed steps mentioned in a solution thread to a similar issue but now the system does not boot up

Followed steps mentioned on this forum thread:

It finished successfully, but the system does not turn on after rebooting. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You need to specify what is the situation right now. Do you get grub? Do yo have Manjaro in grub? Do you get any error message?

I do get grub and manjaro in grub, as for errors I am not getting any, am getting a plain blank screen. I’m sorry but not sure what information would be helpful from my side.

Try to change to text console with CTRL+ALT+F2 and log in there. If that works, try to follow this guide to provide good information about your system: How to provide good information

Just to be sure, probably it is a good idea to update the system:

pamac update

Also, you probably are going to need to look for errors in the journal:

journalctl -b -xe

You can move in the journal with cursor keys and/or PageUp/PageDown keys. Journal can be quite large. You can quit the journal with q.

To restart your computer execute reboot and to power off execute poweroff.