System Tray Widget broken on Task Manager bar

For my lack of technical terminology, I will simply explain what I have an issue with: After updating Manjaro using the sudo pacman -Syu command on the konsole, well some things broke. Mainly graphical since the menu launchers and some task bar widgets where not compatible with the new KDE Plasma 6, but quickly found a way around that stuff. However, this particular widget is broken, one I find particularly useful and kind of bums me that it doesn’t display the icons for its respective config sub menus.

Any idea on what the problem is and how I can fix it? Would appreciate any help.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m refering to:


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Looks like you’ll need to try another icon theme. Not all themes have all the icons.

What’s the “widget” called?


System Tray. I think it comes by default with KDE Plasma but now that you mention it I’m currently using a set of windows 11 icons. Perhaps they’re outdated and thus break the widget?

Here screenshot in “edit” mode:

As for global theme, I’m using Breath Dark with some minor modifications to other appearance settings.

Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

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Changed my system icons to another one and its seems that was the issue: my current icons are outdated and thus break that widget. When switching to another default set the issue was gone.

Here how it looks after I changed the windows 11 icons I’m using with to breeze dark:


In conclusion, a lot of icons sets that were working are outdated now with the KDE Plasma 6 update, bruh.

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Found the issue was the icons, thxs for replying!

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