System Tray Icons Big after Pahvo 21.1.1 (HiDPI)

Hello community!

I’m trying to solve this issue for a while now. My system tray icons are huge on HiDPI after Pahvo 21.1.1, which moved KDE Frameworks to version 5.85. I’ve Googled and searched these forums to no avail and finally decided to make a post.

Here is an example of before and after:

Please help. Thank you.

Right-click the Panel–> Edit Panel

See if perhaps they live in the “padded region”, and if not, you can drag them back into the padded region.

If no such region exists, you need to add a “Margins Separator” from the “Add Widgets” menu, in order to create one.


As mentioned above, or do like me since forever, set the panel at 32 pixels height.

Thanks for the info @winnie. Although, I am not sure how to check the panel for a padded region. Also, adding the Margins Separator – do I configure it somehow? Where do I place it?

You’ll see an off-color padding which “envelopes” the icons that exist inside of it. If you don’t see it, then you can create one by placing a Margins Separator where you want one to begin. (You’ll notice a “pinch” where it begins while in Panel Edit Mode.)

Here is an idea of what to look for,

After this point, you can then drag which items you want inside or outside of it.


Again, thank you for the help @winnie. Margins Separator has no affect on my panel however. I’ve seen images and vidoes of how i should work, however, my widget does not do anything. I’ve tried to look for solutions as to why Margins Separator might not work. Only thing I could find so far is that there was a bug in Plasma 5.21and now it is fixed in 5.22, I have 5.22.5 installed.

Image shows that there is no “pinch” after the widget.

Any help on how to get this problem sorted would be appreciated.

Curious. Can you drag the Margins Separator to the right (somewhere in the middle to split the icons into two regions) and see if there’s a difference between icons that are to the left and to the right of it?

Make sure you only have one Margins Separator, not two. Hover your cursor along the panel while in edit mode to make sure.

It is curious, yes. Moving and dragging the Margins Separator has no effect on the size of the icons. And yes, there is only one.

I have suspicion that my theme (Layan) might not support margin areas.

Hadn’t considered that. Have you tried with Breath2 Dark Plasma theme?

What about forcing the size to 32 pixels as mentioned by @bogdancovaciu as another alternative?

UPDATE: Just confirmed that the Layan and Layan-Solid Plasma themes do not work with the Margins Separator. :confused:

To get the behaviour and size you desire, you’ll either have to use a different theme, or try what @bogdancovaciu explained about setting the height to 32 pixels.

Awesome, thanks for testing the themes, I was about to do that now. I am going to log an issue with the creator to let them know about the problem.

32 pixels is a bit too small for my setup, so I am going to try a different theme. My desktop could do with a change.