System SSL Preferences GUI

Hello, this is not a problem, but an ordinary question, I did not find a better place to ask it.
In KDE 5 there was a section of the settings responsible for SSL, allowing you to view the list of all set certificates, add, disable or delete them. Unfortunately, these parameters are not in KDE 6 and it seems they do not plan to add them. Is there another graphic application that allows you to perform the same functions? It’s about SSL (X.509) P.S: I added links to sources so that it would be clear what it is about

They removed it because currently each app (especially non KDE) uses its own storage location for its imported certificates, and has its separate tools to manage them.

So having a global configuration page in Plasma settings where you import/disable/enable certificates while it has no effect on most installed apps, seems to be not a good idea.

Unless there’s a way to force all installed third party apps to use a centralized storage for certificates, then that page can be reworked and added again.

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In the meantime, perhaps the Certificate Manager in Firefox (and other browsers) might cater for many of your needs.

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In general, you are right. I knew that this can be done through Firefox, but I was wondering if there were individual applications. It seems that there are really no other alternatives.

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