System setting closed unexpectedly

Hi there.

Ocurred a issue with kde when i’ve trying to access system/plasma setting. the window was closed and a ban was show it(“System Settings Closed Unexpectedly”). I want to know what trough that.

I created with manjaro docs

In the information say i must create a new user and i created and this works well, but this error is trough it when i try to access in my current user not in the new user.

I’ve added the same groups to both, so i dont know why its happening, hope you can help.


Is one of the configs you have on your current user that crashes system settings, or file permissions on one of the folders/files, not the groups you are in.

First try to delete ~/.config/systemsettingsrc
Then try by deleting ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc

Try a more strict approach as described here:

Thank you buddy info help me a lot. :+1:

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