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Where do I find system requirements for Manjaro on your web site ?

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It can be found in the Wiki:

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Don’t know who wrote that wiki page, but there is no way you run one of the official flavour gui (xfce, gnome or kde) with only a gig of memory. I am with xfce, which is the lightest of the 3 and it starts with 1.5 GB taken from the system. Open a browser with 1 tab and another 300mb are gone. Open the package manager and another 700 mb are gone.

For a very memory limited system there is a fork of manjaro named Mabox linux with other window manager and it takes about 400MB RAM on boot. And for package manager use octopi.
As for the disk, 30 GB is definitely not a minimum. A bare system with a couple of apps is probably around 5-6 Gb. How many more programs, kernels, journals, package cache and swap are needed is user configurable. With frequent cleaning i’d say a minimum is 10 GB space without user files.

Also note that ext file system does not like to be more than about 70% full or it will become slow.

To sum up: 4 GB RAM and 20 GB HDD is probably a minimum. If it is with ssd you might not notice the swapping.

Go to 8/40 and it will be fast and will not swap at all.


According to the wiki it takes a minimum of 4 gig of memory to run Manjaro? That’s a great amount of memory

I think the lowest you can go is 2GB. However, the live installer assumes 4GB and fails. You would have to install manually from CLI.


Not by today’s standards it isn’t. A purely 32-bit system could still get by with some 2 GiB of RAM (plus a swap partition) for running any modern kind of desktop and software, but Manjaro is a 64-bit operating system, and any kind of modern browser is going to eat virtual memory like sweet cakes.

Most distributions have already transitioned to 64-bit these days, although you can still find a 32-bit distribution here and there. I think Mageia and Debian still offer 32-bit flavors of their distro, and possibly Slackware too. I know Puppy Linux still comes as 32-bit too.

There used to be a 32-bit community fork of Manjaro XFCE, but it too was eventually discontinued, and its maintainer @jonathon — our former forum admin — has in the meantime also passed away.


this forum does not allow posting links other wise I would post the information. You will notice that the initial response did not post a url link just to check the WIKI

I have seen many other distros including Debian that can run on 1 GIG if not 2 as a minimum. this is the first I have heard a Linux version needing a minimum of 4 Gig of memory

And as he mentioned:



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The most resource consuming thing is the desktop environment as i wrote above. Remove that and use some light window management like fluxbox, openbox, icewm or similar, and you will be down to couple of hundred megs of ram. Depending of the ditribution and how the kernel is configured - somewhere between 100 and 300 MB. And there are special use case linuxes trimmed down to less than 100 MB of ram, like alpine.

Me personally - i am strongly against that linux should become bloated like windows. The base system should be sleek - XFCE is my personal upper limit. Sorry, but 2 GB RAM just to type in Mousepad or browse the net should be enough. If you create videos or compile software - of course more is more and 32 Gig or 64 is sensible. But not for mousepad.

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