System messed up after the latest update

Hi guys,
I have updated to the latest 6.8 kernel last night and everything was fine after the first reboot. However, this morning the system went straight to boot without the Grub options. Snap wouldn’t work so Opera wouldn’t start, monthly Timeshift was also missing, etc. Anyone having similar issues? The first update yesterday wouldn’t even work because of some dependency problem but later it was sorted it out.

You are the system administrator - for good and bad.

No - nada, zilch, nil nothing.

Me neither. But since there wasn’t and Announcements thread for the update, I haven’t done it yet.

Inspecting the logs regarding this might provide a clue as to what’s going on. So, to find error logs for a specific boot, run:

journalctl --priority=warning..err --no-pager --boot=-1


  • The --priority=warning..err argument limits the output to warnings and errors only;
  • and the --no-pager formats the output nicely for use here, on the forum;
  • the --boot=-1 argument limits the output to log messages from the previous boot. This can be adjusted to -2 for the boot before that, -3 to the boot before that, and so on and so forth.

I’m afraid it was a goof-up. Somebody who shall not be named mistakenly pushed a couple of staging packages into the repo for the Stable branch instead of the one for the Unstable branch. :facepalm:

I myself have had an update, but it was only two packages: linux61 and mhwd-nvidia. I don’t have any Nvidia hardware, so the second package is irrelevant. The new 6.1 kernel on the other hand is not giving me any issues so far. But yes, for some people there were more updates than those two packages, and they are indeed experiencing problems. :man_shrugging:

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That’s what I figured. Wee are all humans and wee all make mistakes. None of us, no single person, is immune to it. I’ve learnt to watch out for and only update after the Announcements exactly for this reason.

I don’t have many updates available, either:

$ pamac update --force-refresh
Synchronizing package databases...
Refreshing core.db...
Refreshing extra.db...
Refreshing multilib.db...
Refreshing core.files...
Refreshing extra.files...
Refreshing multilib.files...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To upgrade (13):
nvidia-utils        550.67-1          (550.54.14-3)      extra     231.8 MB
chromium            123.0.6312.105-1  (123.0.6312.86-1)  extra     102.7 MB
lib32-nvidia-utils  550.67-1          (550.54.14-1)      multilib  41.6 MB
libxnvctrl          550.67-1          (550.54.14-1)      extra     77.9 kB
linux515-nvidia     550.67-0          (550.54.14-2)      extra     52.2 MB
linux61             6.1.84-1          (6.1.80-1)         core      144.8 MB
linux61-headers     6.1.84-1          (6.1.80-1)         core      28.4 MB
linux61-nvidia      550.67-3          (550.54.14-2)      extra     52.6 MB
mhwd-nvidia         550.67-1          (550.54.14-2)      extra     25.7 kB
nvidia-settings     550.67-1          (550.54.14-1)      extra     784.6 kB
opencl-nvidia       550.67-1          (550.54.14-2)      extra     2.9 MB
xorg-server-common  21.1.12-0         (21.1.11-1)        extra     28.5 kB
xorg-server         21.1.12-0         (21.1.11-1)        extra     1.5 MB

…but as I said, I’ll wait for the announcement.

There isn’t going to be one. :man_shrugging:

Not for this one, right now, no. But when the actual update is ready and I’m sure there will be, so that’s what I’m waiting for.


Seems like the issue goes down with the latest 6.8.4 kernel. Everything is fine with 6.7 but the 6.8 is not compatible with Snap. I use Opera as my main browser so need Snap working. Well, at least some previous updates finally solved the internal speakers issues as these are now working on my Asus laptop.

I humbly suggest using Vivaldi, instead:

sudo pacman -S vivaldi

Apart from being a far superior browser than Opera, it’s also available from the official Manjaro repos, and therefore negates your apparent dependency on Snap.

That is all. Cheers.


Well, there is Opera in the AUR repos so installed that instead of the Snap package. The Snap Opera doesn’t work but Subsurface for my dive logs works just fine. Strange…

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