System locking up randomly

My system keeps locking up randomly to the point where I have to perform a hard-reboot. This happens under both, light and heavy load situations. I am not receiving any kernel panic screen during the lock-up.

I’ve checked that my temperatures are ok. I have also used gnome-disks-utility to check my SSD’s health which was at 50. I have also ran memtest86 all the way until 8 passes with 0 errors.

On different forums, users were suggested to take a look at var/log/kern.log but kern.log does not exist on my system. What should I look into next?

I am on Manjaro Gnome using kernel 5.8.8-14-tkg-pds.

After rebooting from a lock-up, take a look at journalctl -b -1, especially the end. Or if you remember when it happened, then just run journalctl and search for the time.

Is there a particular reason why you’re running that kernel?

I began using it since it has the Fsync patches and was quite recommended in the gaming community. I know that Manjaro now has their own Fsync patches included as well but I never bothered switching back since tkg-pds has served me well enough.

It seems that journalctl stops logging right before the lock-up occurs. The last few thousand lines were all about AMDGPU modeline.

Interesting I always thought fsync was just a component to proton or wine.I would recommend switching to the LTS kernel and using the Manjaro patches you mentioned.

If you use the LTS kernel and tell lutris to enable fsync that doesn’t work?