System initialisation problem

Good afternoon, folks. Tonight I installed manjaro xfce (version n° 21.3) on my pc. And everything went fine until I rebooted to start my new OS. And it gave me the error next errors:


(I had an image but the forum doesn’t upload it.)

And after that, the operating system doesn’t start… Just show a black screen.

What could be the problem and what should I do?:pleading_face:
Thank you for all the answer and solutions that you could give me. :relaxed::hugs:

My pc uses an Intel Pentium dual core 2.7GHz x86 (supports a 64 bit architecture), 4gb ram DDR2 and a Nvidia gt 610.

is secure boot disabled in bios?
is fast boot disabled in bios - you may not have this option
is fast startup disabled in windows

Sorry friend, I don’t understand what you say… :see_no_evil: I looked in my bios but nothing about “secure boot” or something appeared…
I’m a newbie with this. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

if you dont have a really old computer, the secureboot option should be there…
if you have installed windows, disable the fast startup

I don’t have windows anymore. I deleted my windows in order to install manjaro, so it’s my only OS. I had an asrock g31m-s motherboard don’t know if it’s too old.

its an older one, but if you checked each setting in bios and there is no secure boot, check for AHCI, this also needs to be enabled …

I couldn’t find it neither. :pleading_face: It’s not on the boot section… Maybe it has other name?

It could be solved if I reinstall the OS?

it could be a messed up installation… or it could be a messed up iso …
but first this:

you may not even be in bios, so first check on google:
how to disable secure boot and
how to enable AHCI

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