System got stuck during update. Turned it off and back on, but now it doesn't boot after GRUB

What "user error"?

Edit: Instead of "facepalming", why don't you tell me what the error was? How can I learn from experience if you don't even tell me what it was?

I believe this was covered already: you hard powered-off your PC during the update process while the package manager was writing to disk. This broke the files currently being written to disk and has left your system in an inconsistent state.

Lesson 1 is "don't hard power-off your PC while it's doing an update".

Lesson 2 is "make regular and frequent backups of important data".

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About Lesson 1: I don't know why you don't believe me, but there was really no way that I saw (unless you could tell me what I could have done at that time, when a computer freezes and doesn't seem it will unfreeze anytime soon). My hard drive has some issues and freezes sometimes. This time, unexpectedly it froze during the update. Let me ask you something, if it was a computer who got shut down in the middle of an update because of a power outage, would you be responding the same way?

About Lesson 2: Why are you assuming that I don't back up my important data?

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You really should replace it then if you already know it's a problem as this time it's bitten you hard.

Lesson 2: I use Timeshift so should what happened to you occur, I can restore the entire machine, not just my important data. You should consider the same as and when you reinstall.

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OMZ, so you know this, but continue using/trusting it?

That scenario has happened to me. I was mighty pissed off at the carnage & inconvenience it caused me... ipso facto, Answer = Yes.

EDIT - Whoops, i told a lie. Upon reflection i've remembered more details now. I was doing an update, & my neighbourhood did suffer an unexpected blackout. I thought at that instant that my system was thus going to be borked [for the reasons you've read in this thread], but once the power eventually came back i discovered i had been really lucky... the update had literally just completed when the lights went out. Had it been just a little bit earlier, my system would likely have been borked.

Pretty much. There's not a lot you can do if your PC loses power, no matter the reason.

O yes their its called UPS a small price to pay to be able to not only save your os but also save your system hardware.


Thanks, I'll check that out :slight_smile:

Wow that's scary. Good that luck was on your side :slight_smile:

I'm sorry :frowning: maybe I got the wrong impression, it's just that I felt like the replies were a little condescending at times...

Anyway, this thread could be closed :grimacing:

I really was lucky. Since then [except when i forget], before i do a BIG update i tend to monitor the local weather behaviour, & NOT do any updates during storms or high wind [whether present at my house/district now, or heading my way]. Mind you, some time back [with great help from the forum/Manjaroos] i learned how to chroot, so system recovery scares me less now than then.

Unless the thread gets out of hand the mods don't generally close them. It'll close automaticaally in a month after the last reply.

You should see her about:config in FF. :scream:

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Hey, we've discussed your Naughtiness before, haven't we? Don't be aboutist.

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is there any offline updating method?

Own a repo mirror? :grin:

I've never done this, but iirc there's a standard pacman command to download updates but not apply them. Ergo, i suppose they could be then applied later, when offline.

EDIT: Seeing @SinisterBrain's post, i now think my statement is probably bunkum. That command does packages, not updates per se. Crawling back into my hole now.

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sudo pacman -Sw package-name
No clue if there's a way to download an entire update and not install it. That's some pacman trickery I don't know.

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I mean

How to know my pamac using mirror from my country or worldwide? last time update mirror in my country haven't been update for new update and my OS broken become partially update.

This is getting super OT...

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
That will pick the 5 closest mirrors to you.

You can also use sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip && sudo pacman -Syyu
Which will try to pick the closest mirrors to you.

If you need further help @antman, please make a new thread ok? :grin:

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