System freezes on build of blender-git & godot-mono

I’m currently having issues with building blender and godot, from pamac. I think it may have to do with some issues regarding kernel upgrades or graphics drivers

I’m using pamac build blender-git & pamac build godot-mono however on both cases, the terminal window and entire OS freeze while building these software. on godot-mono, the OS freezes seems to freeze while its doing some installation of some either C or C++ libraries.

Has anyone had any similar issues with installing large libraries like this?

Any reason why you’re trying to install Blender from the AUR rather than the package in the official Manjaro repos? You’re on Stable branch, and the AUR is best suited to those on Unstable branch (which has most/all packages at the same version as Arch, while Stable branch is a little bit behind Arch & can thus result in dependency issues).

Regarding godot-mono, there is a prebuilt package in the AUR - godot-mono-bin - that should build & install a lot faster.

Also, do you have base-devel installed? It is required for building many packages from the AUR.


Do you have enough RAM and/or SWAP?
Is it running out during build?

More information please.

Such as

inxi -Fazy

This is perfectly normal. The system isn’t actually frozen — it only appears that way.

Compiling large software packages like this will always consume all of your resources and slow the system down to a point where it becomes unusable for everything else until the build has finished. On my system here, compiling firefox from the AUR took over five (5!) hours, during which time the system was absolutely unusable for anything else.

The only way around it is to upgrade your hardware to feature more RAM, a faster drive, and maybe even a faster processor with more cores, or to use the binary packages from the Manjaro repositories.

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scotty, thank you for the information regarding the AUR and branches – this is something I was unaware of, but will keep in mind going forward!

given your question, instead of looking for a version of godot or blender on the AUR, I just downloaded the programs directly from each company’s website and ran them. this ending up being the solution at present, unless there’s any upcoming issues with this practice.

I ended up fixing my issue by just downloading each software from their respective website! However, I do believe that I was likely running out of RAM trying to build the software from the AUR.

I only have 8 GBs of RAM and my current swap space is unclear to me. I’m not sure how these software are built, but I think I was running out of RAM and swap space in the process of building them…

I see, my specs are pretty solid, currently running on a higher end gaming laptop from last year, but the RAM is only 8Gbs. I plan on upgrading the 32Gbs in the future so my system doesn’t get bogged down by these compilatons.

Is that really the case with firefox? from my understanding a web browser taking that long have available seems like nuisance… is there a large advantage to compiling from source vs. just downloading from the/a site? is it so the software can be more easily maintained using package managers? becuase I have to ln -s xxx yyy everytime with downloaded over compiled software hmm

I dont know why you are trying every method except the recommended one.

In general … you do not go searching the interwebs for something to download.

If you want to install blender … install it from the repos.

sudo pacman -Syu blender

Otherwise you are on your own. Dependencies will not be handled. Upgrades will be your responsibility, etc etc.

As to your more general questions about ‘the specs are good’;
8 gb of memory is on the low side. As for SWAP - if you have none then when you run out of that 8gb of RAM then your system will lock up.
Building software from source can be intensive. Something like firefox can take 30-60 minutes on a decent ryzen but will also require a lot more memory then you have stated you have. Chromium could take many hours. etc.

And no, if you dont have some specific reason … you wont see significant gains from compiling from source rather than installing the compiled binary.

To show us your system info:

inxi -Fazy

For introduction to manjaro and how to manage software … see the wiki:


There’s your answer. It’s not enough headroom.

It was a specially patched version of firefox from the AUR, with support for the Plasma global menu. The stock firefox does not have that.

The recommended practice is to use packages from the repository when available. We don’t even support the AUR, even though we do offer access to it for those who know what they’re doing.

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