System feels really sluggish

I have my / on 512gb ssd drive, 16gb ram, 8 core cpu and my system is not so responsive, like ie when Im switching browser tabs and I start to type and I have to wait before the text appears, or when Im clicking to close some unresponsive window and it need some seconds to do it too.

Mostly Im not using even 15% of my cpu, and my memory load is 10gb, I don’t have issues like that on windows 10 or ubuntu.

I suspect something may be rly fkd up in the current kernel (Im using 5.10.34-11), because when I try do copy/paste some gigabytes of data from my ssd to my other drive which is hdd then even the music starts to get chopped and everything is just ultra laggy or completely frozen ( dmesg is not showing any errors ).

Does anybody have a similar performance issues currently?


I am on latest unstable Gnome 40. I have sad 500 gb, 6 gb ram ,HP with AMD.

I didn’t noticed any issues like yours.

Everything is smooth. Only little hickups here and there when I am playing games in Steam and in same time browsing. Ofc that is happening because my ram usage is full.

Btw, using latest kernel , 5.13

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Please post your system info as outlined here:

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Hey. I don’t have any errors in dmesg/journalctl so idk what is the point of putting full logs or full system specs? If you want the output of some specific command then just point it.

If it is something on my side causing this, then I am more likely to think towards issues like some wrong timings \ voltages on ram, maybe due to ram degradation and lower voltage tolerance over time, but such things would mostly spam my entire logs with errors so idk what to think about it yet, I don’t have any issues on Windows as I have mentioned before.

The same point as going to a doctor for full diagnostic of a negative health symptom.

Unrelated to what happens in a Linux installed system. For instance, if you use the nouveau drivers for GPU, it might be a cause of sluggishness. Unless we see the inxi -Fazi - is pure speculation …

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Did you get this fixed?

I have Manjaro Gnome on my laptop as of about a week ago. I’m normally a KDE user and there are some KDE apps I normally use, so I installed them. I’m not sure which of them installed baloo but I noticed my system was running like a dog and system load was very high when I checked in htop. I disabled baloo and the laptop became nice and quick as it should be.