System doesn't boot any longer after updates, isn't detecting mouse and keyboard any more

Yesterday there were a whole lot of new updates (around 500) within octopi, so I installed them all before shutting down for the night. Today, the system gets stuck on user login screen as it not detecting my mouse or keyboard any longer, since they are detected in bios and grub before. This is kernel 5.10 if i start during grub with optional selections.

If i start in grub the normal version whith the previous used kernel 5.9 mouse and keyboard are detected and working.
After login Screen it goes to black screen and seems to try to start. Sometimes i even see a part of psensor, but on the wrong monitor and tilted 90°, but then it goes back to Login screen.
Wrong screen as i have a tripple monitor setup with the left screen mounted vertically (tilted 90° anticlockwise) and psensor should be set up on the right monitor.
how do i get the system to give me more information about whatever is going on, for better troubleshooting?
how can i get my system back?

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Please post

inxi -Fxxxz

how do i get to the point where i can put that “inxi -Fxxxz” into a cmd box?

open the terninal

and how do i do that if i cant get behind the login screen?

ctrl alt F2.
I have the same problem and am trying to find the answer.

Go to a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T, or by going to your start menu and look for something called Konsole or Console or xterm and click on it.

If is more difficult sorry but i am stuck in the same problem.

with crtl + alt + F2, my login credentials and the command inxi -Fxxxr i managed to get this

This is what i did.
I am NEW to linux first distro being this manjaro Xfce,
My problem was the same, i think i used this comment to go to 1 live-boot go to sudo and ‘’ chroot’’ and reinstalling my Graphic card drive(by following )

This link, and after i removed my check my kernel number, and reinstalled my graphic card and got ok after a reboot.
Just do not forget to do ‘‘exit’’ after you get out of the terminal and reinstall your drivers, and if you can get in the new kernel LTS i think that the new LTS can help.

This can help if someone better then me gets here, i am new and from Brasil so my english is not the ideal or the best.

This cam teach you to reinstall your drivers that is the same problem i think because i did the same just now.

the data in here is good for someone that know what they are doing not me, but they will ask something like this.
your card is AMD so i do not know if will work, but reinstalling a drive should be ok.

I do not know what to do if this(put your kernel in the new LTS(5.10) and reinstall your video-drive) do not work but will here for some time if doing what i told you to do get difficult, but is also the only thing that i can do because after this i do not know what to do.
If you can, tell me if did work.
Sorry for not put everything in a solo message, but i takes some time for me to write in english(I am from Brasil and my native Language is Portuguese From Brasil) and was taking to write so to you see that i was trying to answer i put in pieces.
Good luck in your problem, if you can, tell me if you solve your problem.