System does not boot after latest update

This what i get after latest update! It is not a bad shot. Fonts do not render properly. What can i do ? I have no idea how to start debugging the problem. When i boot i get stuck immediately on that screen. Maybe i could change some kernel parameters and proceed? Any idea?

Please help !!!

Have a look if this helps:

  • Can you read anything on screen in uefi?
  • Can you read anything on screen in grub menu (press esc when booting up)
  • Can you read anything or does the system boot up when choosing the fallback kernel option from grub?
  • Did you try a live linux from usb?
  • yes i can see the grub menu clearly

  • i also tried to boot to cli from grub with no luck. i had the same output

  • i cant change kernel cause i had only one installed. i will try with chroot after a live usb boot. But i had other display issues with kernels newer than 419. Thats why i was using this one

  • after normal boot or after grub menu boot i cant see anything more. It stucks to the screenshot screen , with those strangely rendered fonts. It is impossible to read anything on this screen


with newer kernels i cant get my laptop screen to work. But system starts normaly and i can use only hdmi output

any ideas?


Many thanks to Aragorn who suggested the solution to change the compression type to gzip and rebuild initcpio

For more check here

This was the cause of the kernel panic.

:clap: Many thanks again Aragorn

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