System Crashes Semi-Regularly When Starting Any Games

I have an issue where most but not all games will crash my computer shortly after startup. Sometimes if this happens multiple times after a few crashes, the issue will stop until stop the game and start again. Do think it may be some kind of memory leak issue? Maybe overheating due to it being a somewhat under-powered laptop?

Been having this issue for years off and on on my system. Don’t really play that many games but is frustrating when want to do something with friends. Will post any logs if need to. Computer uses intel integrated graphics. Mostly just curious if anyone else has the same issue? Have tried several different kernal versions to try to remedy this issue on my own plus reinstalling drivers occasionally.

You have to provide a little system information, logs, and explain what exactly do you mean by “crash” as a beginning.

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Two stable releases was causing my system to crash also as you can see below while trying to play Diablo 4 so I’m using Timeshift to rollback to a version that was working for me.

2023-08-11 - Working fine
2023-08-29 - issued
2023-09-10 - issued

To avoid my system to crash, I need to kill the game.exe from system process, so my system can still run fine, if I don’t kill the process, the game doesn’t launch and my system crashes too requiring reset button push to boot again.

Try to roll back to a version that the games were working fine for you.

Not updating manjaro will leave you with an unsupported system, and things will begin to break progressively after a couple of months.