System cannot boot anymore, after connecting to wifi

Hi there!

I’m trying to use the community image Manjaro - Downloads on my raspberry pi. However, as soon as I get connected to my home wifi, I can no longer boot the system. This is how you can reproduce:

  1. download the image Manjaro - Downloads (version 21.08)
  2. go through the installer
  3. the installation reboots once (all good till there)
  4. I can reboot now anytime it works
  5. I connect to my home wifi → success
  6. sudo shutdown -r now => actually shutdown the raspberry, then black screen with a blinking cursor for ever

any idea what’s wrong?

what happens if you run:
systemctl reboot
instead of your command … ?

brings up wlogout

thanks for your responses (specially super+shift+e :+1: )

but it has the same effect. After reboot (or shutdown and restart), I’m stuck on a black screen of death with blinking cursor once again (and only after I get connected to wifi)

Have some problem as you :frowning:

Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 to enter TTY2, then open /etc/greetd/config.toml :

Delete these lines and reboot:

command = "sway --config /etc/greetd/oem-setup"
user = "oem"
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Hello Sora,

thanks it works! Just found some documentation about greetd => greetd - ArchWiki
In my case the initial session was configured with an unknown user.

Note: I had to type Ctrl + Alt + F2 !

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