System boots but kde doesn't show up

Yesterday I decided to update, had seen around 400 packages(pretty sus). Though the update went smoothly I couldn’t install any other packages anymore. It said Pacman could not open desc file of kdelibs4support. The next time I tried to boot I got a whole list of error, couldn’t load kernel modules,could not load core18,extra… and some snap package errors are the ones I remember. Trying to find solutions for each one of it, I traversed half the manjaro forum page. As explained by the most helpful solution I had to delete kdelibs4support folder completely after chrooting through my live usb.Rest of the errors were fixed easily by switching to kernel5.4 and updating again. Now I do not see any error, just a blank screen after the OEM logo shows up. I can login through tty’s
I’ve tried startx, changing nvidia drivers and installing kdelibs4support none of them solved my problem.Running startx hits me with an error
Just noticed something interesting, since I use optimus-manager, Integrated amd graphics is used on battery and nvidia when connected to the wall. I see no sign of successful boot(couldn’t access tty, freezes at OEM logo) when using amd graphics.pretty sure that narrows down the solution:)
As you might have guessed I’m fairly inexperienced. Please let me know the required log files to troubleshoot the problem