System backup options; home folder/package list replication for multiple machines

I was wondering the best options for keeping different laptops/desktops in sync with each other automatically.

Not everything needs to be identical but mainly the home folder and documents would need to update on startup of each machine to be in parity taking newer file versions; the package list would need to update on startup also with each other machine. Ideally with app settings etc.

Stuff could be stored cloud, also have a local pi server that I’m using although it’s not reliable enough/fast enough on it’s own to store working files, however may be useful for backup.

Main scenario I need to work around is creating Reaper audio production files on different computers and ensuring that the lv2 plugins or even VSTs I may have installed on one system in wine are on another and ideally any presets and app data copied also, with the working files. Reaper is main scenario but ideally systems would be in parity for the most part from package and document stand point.

Any ideas or links to tools in this quest for system parity will be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

I was planning on making something to do this comparing folder contents and getting package lists from pacman… but assume that someone has already done this… better than I would.

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Your requirement sounds like an ideal scenario for the implementation of systemd-homed. :arrow_down:

systemd-homed - ArchWiki


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Thanks for the replies, these avenues look useful :slight_smile: