Sync chromium / ungoogled-chromium without google account?


Is there a way to sync Chromium or ungoogled Chromium without a google account?
I have a server where i can run docker, is there something available to host this myself?
Or some online-sync, that is not google?


I’d be mildly interested in:

how you would determine the difference - if there was one

Hi @Uncut2033,

Maybe this helps:

Unfortunately xbrowsersync is no longer maintained and unless someone rewrites it then the Chrome extension will stop working in a few months time when Google finally kills Manifest V2.

I was completely unaware of what @MrLavender mentioned, but there are other services out there. See if one of them fits you.

Also look at:

(unsafe & experimental)

(Still in development.)

I sync my Zotero database with MEGA ( I suppose something similar could be done for the browser.

It might surprise some to learn just how versatile SyncThing can be for a great variety of synchronisation tasks. @Mirdarthos

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You remembered me! I’m hono…or is it Mirdarthos? Damn! Now you’ve caused an identity crisis!

Anyway, yes Syncthing is awesome and can be set up to synchronise many things. I’ve just never did it for something like Bookmarks, but it won’t be difficult to set it up so that it syncs your whole browser profile and just ignore the cache.

For something like that, you can also use rclone, also excluding the cache. Combine it with inotifywait, from the inotify-tools package in the extra repository and you can get a close to real-time synchronisation.

Heck, if you can access it VIA SSH, then you can do the same with rsync. (I think anything from the CLI will work with rsync but I’ve never done it, so not sure and don’t know how.)

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I set up a backup with freefilesync on mint like this.
It wasn’t a sync, but just a backup.

I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but it always took 15+ minutes to backup the folders, which is to long for me.

Isn’t freefilesync just rsync with a GUI?

So I rhink that’s not optimal…

I think I will simply use a different browser.

What’s the best privacy wise with sync enabled?
Are Google related privacy issues removed from Kiwi or brave?

Or can I run another Firefox instance, that is completely separate from my day to day Firefox browser/profile, so they don’t interfere in any way?

Yes. ex

firefox --ProfileManager

You mean the difference between using a Google account to sync or a different service?

Basically I just want to degoogle anything as far as possible.


The issue is just I’m using some chrome add-ons, that are not available in Firefox, which is why I’m not using Firefox for this.

Is there some way to get chrome add-ons running in Firefox?

Maybe there are replacements or equivalents.

Vivaldi should satisfy your needs; plus, being effectively based on Chromium, there is an obvious compatibility with Chrome Extensions. Highly recommended, and also highly customisable – be prepared to bend it to your will with both functionality and theming.

Vivaldi is available via the official Manjaro repositories:

sudo pacman -S vivaldi


Not without some magic, if I have it correctly:

Or, snake oil, perhaps. In fairness, I haven’t (and won’t) test that addon. :wink:

Same. I just mentioned it. :wink: