Synaptics trackpad setting have gone after latest stable update KDE

I have two laptops with Synaptics touchpad, and they work fine with Plasma6/Wayland. If the problem is persistent even with new user account, then reinstall the whole thing, if it doesn’t work then the provided Manjaro ISO are broken.

Upgrading to Plasma 6 isn’t easy for distribution maintainers, even KDE team did release a broken KDE Neon while doing it. The problem was that Plasma 6 was coming with a whole new config files and not compatible with old ones, plus you have to remove all non built-in themes and icons and widgets, and simply stick to default Breeze theme, and the best is to start with a new clean user account.

I guess I will have to check then.
Because plasma-workspace is required by
kdeplasma-addons plasma-browser-integration plasma-desktop plasma-nm plasma-pa powerdevil sddm-breath-theme xdg-desktop-portal-kde
And I would expect any version of plasma to have a number of these, like plasma-desktop.

(which is silly to talk about anyways when talking of the plasma-workspace package. its needed)

Are we super sure that the update was performed … respectably?

Not replace core packages with AUR ones, or something?

No, it was a full (not minimal) download of the ISO, i separated my main drive into 2 partitions and did a full install on the new partition. So now i have duel boot as i didn’t want to loose my currently working 4 month old version. I can switch back to check how i had things.

Iv also just notice pressing Ctrl+Esc does not bring up the process manager (cant remember what it was called) also where is that systemd GUI manager thing gone? the one that shows all the systemctl stuff?

Am i just going mad?

I checked all these , they are all installed

kdeplasma-addons plasma-browser-integration plasma-desktop plasma-nm plasma-pa powerdevil sddm-breath-theme xdg-desktop-portal-kde

I just tried booting from a USB, the trackpad is the same, no good.

But, it does have ksysguard and the process monitor does come up when i use the shortcut keys?

Checking the shortcuts here it looks like its changed to Meta+esc brings up systemmonitor (that kinda clunky thing) but where has ksysguard gone?

The only difference is the kde 6 update applied to this installation directly after it was installed from that stick.

Its all quite irreverent unless i can get the trackpad to work though.

ksysguard was deprecated.
Apprently someone ported it to qt6 though and its in the AUR.
I only know that extra bit because its already been posted about here.

I need this back again, who do i contact to find out why its been removed and when it will be back? Until then im just going to site on this version.