Symbol `grub_is_lockdown` not found

I am unable too boot Manjaro after change the boot mode (from UEFI to Legacy) in BIOS. I tried to get it back but no result

error: symbol `grub_is_lockdown` not found.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

Thanks for the help.


Just change the “boot mode” back to what it was.

I did this in bios.

You may need to run grub-install again.

(or use the install-grub script)

First you probably need to gain functionality … such as by using live media (like a USB).

In fact theres an arch forum thread from yesterday with the same symptoms…

(though note your path may be different, such as /boot/efi)


Appears to be a product of ‘efi losing its linux record for some reason’.

I can only go with what you tell here.

If you changed something - and then changed it back to what it was - there should be no reason for you to ask about a change, because there effectively was none.

When I boot to live Manjaro ISO and press detect efi bootloader I have 2 options


It’s seem I booted a windows10 usb flash drive by mistake. Can I delete the second one. Thank you.

In the live media I booted here.


Just Reinstall and Update Grub seems to solve the issue.
Thanks again.

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