SXHKD reinstall help

Hello first time linux user (for context >5 hrs :slight_smile:)
My problem first started when I went into .config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc and tried changing some hotkeys. I changed the hotkey to reload sxhkd among others and the hotkeys wouldn’t change.(dummy user error idk what) I forgot the original hotkey so I tried to sudo pacman -S and -U, nope, deleted my sxhkdrc file but that didn’t load a new sxhkdrc after i tryed -u and -s. Then i got sxhkd-git and switched to that then rm -R sxhkd and reinstalled but the files but the config still hasn’t comeback. Now like a week later i boot up after taking a break and i have no daemon at all. Can someone please point me in the right direction here. If this is confusing its because I am

I recall i even pasted the reload command into terminal and it still didn’t kill/reload and have the hotkeys work :frowning:

Hi @readaboook, maybe you have no problem with your sxhkdrc file nowadays, but I’m going to contribute so that can help someone else in the same situation.

Before modifying a configuration file, always make a copy first.

In order, to have an idea of what is causing the problem, it would be interesting to post the file here.

In my case, daemon configuration is in bspwmrc, in this case: dust:

# Lauch notification daemon
dunst \
-geom "280x50-10+38" -frame_width "1" -font "Iosevka Custom 9" \
-lb "$BACKGROUND" -lf "$FOREGROUND" -lfr "$BLUE" \
-nb "$BACKGROUND" -nf "$FOREGROUND" -nfr "$BLUE" \
-cb "$BACKGROUND" -cf "$RED" -cfr "$RED" &

My keyboard shortcut configuration (sxhkdrc file):

# Quit/Restart bspwm
ctrl + alt + {q,r}
	bspc {quit,wm -r}