Switching to nightly builds

New user. Running Phosh beta 17 on a PinePhone. When I do a software update, where does it pull from? Meaning, If beta 18 comes out will I only need to “check for updates” and I’ll get the latest software from beta 18? Or do I need to download beta 18 when it comes out?

If this isnt my daily driver (PinePhone), I wouldnt mind being on the bleeding edge. Is it possible to set repositories to nightly somehow that way I get updates as soon as they are out?

If you do your updates, you will have the same package versions as Beta 18 would.

You can switch to Unstable branch with sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable && sudo pacman -Syyu which gets you the updates as soon as we put them in unstable branch.

Thanks!!! Now this is like a surprise every single time you guys work your magic! Appreciated!

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