Switching keyboard layout with both Alt keys messes up Ctrl+S and other combinations

I’m running Manjaro on the ciinnamon desktop. I’m also using a tiny 78 key IR-via-USB keyboard.

I have it configured to switch keyboard layouts if both Alts are pressed. Cinnamon does this perfectly.

Problem is, when I do this, it messes up Ctrl + S and other important key combinations.

It’s almost as if it starts ignoring the Ctrl key even though I’m not using Ctrl to switch layouts.

Do the combos break with a certain layout, or when the option (both Alts change layout) is enabled?

Have you tried other options to change the layout, ie different keys?

Please provide the output of this command.

setxkbmap -print -verbose 10

Could you install evtest and run it please (you may need to run it with sudo).

Select your keyboard from the list and test some of the affected combos, both when they’re working and not working. CTRL + C or CTRL + ALT + C to exit.

Do you have a link to the keyboard you’re using?