Switching Kernels

I want to switch kernels from 5.10.2 LTS version to a 4.x LTS version. Reason being my PC hangs sometimes and when it does I have nothing but to restart. Most of the distros I have used when I reinstall versions with lower kernels everything runs smoothly. I have read the documentation but their is this caveat about not removing the existing kernel. How do I switch

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Hi @josephgodwinke, and welcome!

Switching kernels seemed advanced to me at first too, but @Manjaro-Team has really done an excellent job of making it easy. The steps are below:

  1. Boot into your current installation and open a terminal.
    1.1 (Optional, but recommended if you’re not certain.) Check which kernels are installed. In the terminal execute:
sudo mhwd-kernel --listinstalled

The output should be similar to this:

Currently running: 5.10.42-1-MANJARO (linux510)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
* linux510
* linux54

Here you can see which kernels are installed. For example, you can see that I have kernel versions 5.4 as well as 5.10 installed. If you can see your desired one in the list, you can skip the installation of it.

  1. To see which kernels are available, run:
sudo mhwd-kernel --list

Again, your output should be similar to this:

available kernels:
* linux414
* linux419
* linux44
* linux49
* linux510
* linux511
* linux512
* linux513
* linux54
* linux510-rt
* linux511-rt
  1. Install your desired kernel version. For example, if you wished to install version 4.19, you’d have to run the following command:
sudo mhwd-kernel --install linux419
  1. When done, reboot with the new kernel. To do so, reboot as you normally would. But just after the BIOS/UEFI prompt to press a button to enter setup, press and hold Shift in. You’ll receive a Grub boot loader screen, prompting you to select boot options. Use the Arrow keys to navigate to the “Advanced…” options item and press Enter. Select the newly installed kernel, not the initram option for the kernel, to boot using that kernel.
  2. It should, according to how I understand it, boot into that kernel by default once you’ve selected it manually.
  3. Profit!

Hope this helps!


On reboot the grub doesnt appear I just see three white boxes no matter how long I press shift or how many times i spam shift

Random idea, spam it with Ctrl instead and see if that makes a difference…
If that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else. (Thee last thing to try that I can think of.)

Hey, I think the hotkey is caps instead of shift

edit: also manjaro has a gui for switching kernels called “manjaro settings”

Might be. I don’t know. Mine is set not to be hidden. Makes it much easier.

I tend too try and stay away from GUI. Especially with support over the 'net. But maybe that’s just me…

Not everyone wants to use the terminal for everything, for the unfamiliar the gui feels like they are in control :slight_smile:

I know. And contrary to popular belief, I actually do understand. However, it is easier to give the support and consume support received and provide feedback VIA a terminal.

You can’t copy-and-paste a screenshot. Well, not on here, I think, anyway.

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