Switching home folder names to another language.

I've switched the language to French, yet the main folder names are still in English.
Yet Desktop and Downloads are still Desktop and Downloads.
Only Trash has changed to Corbeille.
How do I get them to switch to French?

P.S. In case anyone will suggest this, manual renaming only leads to emblems removed and I'll bet there's some defaults configured to these folder names.

Solved by removing ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs
and changing the locale of ~/.config/user-dirs.locale .

Credit goes to poster below.

Have you rebooted? What DE?

Yes. XFCE.

Edit the following two files to your liking...


... and reboot. :wink:

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Don't forget to mv (move) or rmdir (remove) your existing directories depending on content you've already put there.

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