Switching between Desktop environments

I’m currently running manjaro kde, but I wanna test another DE like cinnamon ,so how to switch to another manjaro pre-configured DE without reinstaling the whole system?

Search the wikis and forums - learn how its generally messy and not suggested, but if you want to … simply install the required components.

[the following guide may be a bit outdated]

Then write it to USB and try the live version. Thats likely a much better ‘test’.

I’ve heard if i create a new user it won’t be conflict with my kde config.

The home configuration files wont conflict … but your libraries and applications still will … and example being you might have to replace and reconfigure your display manager - I dont know if SDDM can boot cinnamon or not. Some applications may become duplicated in the menus or have both the GTK and QT versions, etc.

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Thanks I was about to make a mess

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