Switched XFCE to KDE Plasma

Due to a severe hard drive crash on the main machine that I use to remote into while away from my home, I opted to move from XFCE to KDE Plasma. While I like the desktop interface/experience a lot more on KDE, there is one glaring issue … I can’t remote into it.

It should be noted that I use DWService.net as my RDP solution while out and about, and honestly it works flawlessly on other distros. I am also running on a mini computer in a headless configuration.

When I connect remotely, I am presented with the login screen with no issues, I can type in my password and submit that like any other time, however when it is supposed to present the desktop, it’s just a black screen.

I’ve worked around the issue temporarily by attaching a monitor to the HDMI-1 slot, but that defeats the purpose on how I want to use it. There was a similar issue with the XFCE environment, and the solution was adding a virtual HDMI-0 ‘display’, designate the resolution size, and carry on.

I’ve done a lot of internet searching so far, and nothing that I’ve read and tried has helped.

Is there a similar solution for KDE that I can implement and disconnect the monitor again?

Maybe related?

No, but definitely going to hold onto it and use it later.

The reason why I say no, is because when I am away from home I am not permitted to use SSH at all. The only way for me to connect to the machine is using the service that uses port 80 as the transport. Unless “they” look for the actual service, it will just show up as regular web traffic.

Now that I am thinking about it, DWService will actually use a bash shell, so ‘technically’ ssh?