Switched to Pipewire, Bluetooth headphones frequently drop out, lose connection and reconnect

I switched to Pipewire, which has gone pretty smooth! And I’m loving it. Or so I thought… EasyEffects is an awesome PipeWire app. I really don’t want to go back to Pulseaudio.

Not long after the switch, I have been having issues with my bluetooth headphones, where every 5-30 minutes, they will stop playing audio (everything continues playing on the computer), then 5-10 seconds after that the headphones disconnect, then shortly after reconnect. Some initial googling around hasn’t really given me helpful information about this issue.

In fact, it really doesn’t seem like this should be a Pipewire issue, as my impression is that the Bluetooth connection itself is on a different layer, handled by Bluez (which interfaces with the Pulseaudio API?), which I didn’t intentionally make any changes to.

Does anyone have any ideas? What kinds of things can I do to gain some more troubleshooting information about this? Useful commands?

could be that the bluetooth device is suspended for powersave. usually only happens when you pause/stop and resume playback on some apps. try this;

if doesnt work, revert.

This solution is for pipewire-media-session but I replaced that with Wireplumber. Do you know what the equivalent would be?

I don’t see any power / sleep related options in Bluetooth configuration — WirePlumber 0.4.8 documentation

To me it doesn’t seem like the headset is going to sleep. I think the connection is just dropping, and it takes my headset a few seconds to realize the connection is dead.

yes, if it is so, it is dropped from the other end.

just look in /etc/wireplumber/ wireplumber.conf. if it doesnt exist, the conf template is in /usr/share/wireplumber/wireplumber.conf see if it has any relevance. some other conf template file in wireplumber package are;

I’ve looked through almost the entire configuration (present in /usr/share/wireplumber), and there doesn’t seem to be anything relevant to sleeping, power saving, or things of that nature.