Switched from Debian to Manjaro - how to encrypt with luks and lvm?


I used Debian several years. As i switched from Win10 to Linux for Gaming and the debian testing, sid or stable has all their own hurdles when it comes for an simple to use distro with newest packages, i give Manjaro a try.

Unfortunately, the installer its not really clear for me… how can i tell the installer to use luks encryption for my 2 ssds and using them as one lvm partition, with logical volume for swap and system? In debian it was easy, but in manjaro i no idea how to setup correctly.

Is there an installation guide or something that let me do a correct setup?

Thank you very much for you help,

Here you are:

Hm. I dont see where they explain how to use two SSDs as an encryption volume and then binding it together per LVM as a volume group that i can assign a swap and system partition in it per logical volues.

In Debian, you first create a partition as a physical volume, then you say to lvm to use it as a volume group and then you create the logical volume for swap and the system partition…

Do a installation guide cover that?

Thank you for your help,