Switch to gnome DE

Hi,I would to switch to gnome how can i do this?!
(I would like to replace xfce with gnome not install it in the same time with it)

Dear @Karlos, have you already done what is expected before a question is posted here, which is using a search engine of your favour to search for answers? There are many topics to this subject. If you studied them, come back with your specific questions. Thanks. :smiley:

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Hi there!

  1. Listen to the moderator.
  2. Have a look here: Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro

I’m so sorry! foregive me please!

@Wollie sudo pacman -S gnome does’nt work!

First, when you really want to use another DE it’s by far the best to re-install. All other solutions will lead to issues especially if you want to get rid of one of these DE’s, lateron. If you insist in keeping your current DE, then at least make sure to create a new user and keep the DE’s separate, each to one user. Having multiple DE’s is definitely not recommended for newbies.

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