Switch from Xubuntu to Manjaro Xfce without without wipeing /home

I am looking to switch from Xubuntu (Ubuntu but Xfce instead of Gnome) to Manjaro Xfce how would i switch without wiping my /home folder could i use tar to back it up and redeploy my /home folder or what could i do?

You really should not be doing this. It’s going to cause countless issues. Configurations from Ubuntu are not compatible with Manjaro, only thing I would do here is individual files like photos, videos etc. Instead of the entire home folder.

Ok ill try that

Im just going to copy my home folder to a different drive and move stuff that i need back to my Home folder after i distro hop

The easiest way to achieve that is to have your home on a separate partition beforehand.
When installing a distribution, the partition that will contain the system is usually reformatted, deleting everything in it. But if you used another partition for your home, you can select it during installation to be used as such, without reformatting it, thus keeping the data on it.

But if you aren’t in that setup already, backuping is indeed your only possibility.

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Maybe try doing a timeshift backup of your home folder and then restore your files/configs a couple at a time to see if anything breaks

I just used cp to copy my /home folder to a different drive and moved my stuff over that i needed after i install the os

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