Switch from Linuxmint Cinnamon to Manjaro KDE?

Hello everyone,
I have Linuxmint 21.2 Cinnamon installed on my main computer. I tried Manjaro KDE on a second PC. Now I’m thinking about changing the distribution. What arguments speak for Manjaro when I share my first experiences here:

  1. Manjaro KDE crashed once during operation, causing the PC to freeze. Linuxmint doesn’t do that.
  2. I had described a problem in the German Manjaro forum hier: manjaro-forum.de, but there was no answer at all. Is this forum also suitable for German-speaking users (I translated my query into English using Google)
  3. My knowledge of Linuxmint and Ubuntu is for home use, but somewhat advanced. I’m just starting out with Manjaro, but I want to learn. I like Manjaro KDE. That’s why I’m thinking about switching, but I need the feeling that I can turn to you if I have any problems!

I would be grateful for your opinions!

It didn’t yet, but it may - but then again:
you are comparing relatively bleeding edge KDE with a rather mature Cinnamon

  1. There are many more english speaking people than there are german speakers - perhaps there where not many german speakers there at the time - or you did not describe the problem well enough - or very simply: no one knew how to help …

  2. go ahead and learn
    Most of the problems have already been covered - there is the search function and google as well.
    But if you ask with enough context you very likely will receive support (or rather: help to help yourself)

The German sub-forum is located here:

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Thank you very much!

Before you do anything of the sort, read this, work through this first:

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If you’re not a complete Linux newbie and are willing to read, ask for help when needed, and learn, then manjaro should be a good fit for you.

A few tips in advance to make it easier to get started:

(Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

​So thank you very much for your contributions! I’ll leave Manjaro on my second PC for now and practice some more with it. If I have any questions, I now know that I will be happy to help here in the forum!

Manjaro do a cinnamon version too

Ok, but I always liked KDE too! I thought again and now switch to my main computer. Since so many nice people responded, I’m sure I’ll get help if something goes wrong with Manjaro!
Then see you soon, I’m looking forward to it!

My path - Ubuntu first, skipped to Cinnamon to avoid Unity. I like Cinnamon, but after a few years it’s frustrating (the spices are just not really there for starters).

So I used Timeshift to rsync /home to HDD, installed Manjaro Cinnamon, then copied back stuff from the snapshots manually.

So the basic distribution change should leave you with the same desktop - and the main difference then is the package manager, you’ll use Pacman, maybe pamac-manager to browse software and pamac to install AUR applications.

Rolling means you do updates every week or so, but no big ‘distribution upgrade’. This means you didn’t get further behind for 6 months waiting for the big upgrade - neither does it means that those Ubuntu PPA’s won’t work on your Ubuntu -based distro.

Then when you jump up to KDE - woah. The initial layout is similar and it’s instantly useable.

But the features, settings, applications are so many layers deeper and more customisable.

KDE on X11 will let you also run Easystroke, do everything with mouse gestures… and that’s awesome (I used it also on Linux Mint before).

Setting up software should be easier - and more modern software is available (no need for PPA’s to get more updated versions of repository software).

So it should be great fun for you.

More specifically, you’ll have small issues and questions (you can’t do dpkg -reconfigure -a - so how can you set up hddtemp service to work???) but nothing really negative.

But a LOT of positives.

So backup well, and go for it.

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For your own sanity, don’t skip 'em! Because that WILL lead to breakage.

Similarly, handle any and all .pacnew files directly after an update. There are a lot of people on here that says it’s OK to leave it and only worry if it becomes necessary. And while that works, why? You want a big surprise one day when turning on you computer and KDE/Cinnamon don’t start? Or do you not want to worry 'bout that kind of thing?

See here for more info:


Doing your maintenance properly and proactively instead of cutting corners and doing it reactively is the way to save you many, many headaches…


When i decided to switch away from M$ Windows to Linux 3 years ago, i was really close looking between Manjaro or Mint.

I wish i got some experience with Mint too, but im lazy to switch now and Manjaro was doing really good for a good time…

I think the strengh from Manjaro against Mint are the AUR Packages, which gives me the option to use my VPN but most services are supporting AppImages anyways.

Another strengh from Manjaro are newer packages that gives your greater performance for gaming, that was my main decision in the past.

But another goal is, when i thinking about to upgrade
new PC Hardware, the support reaches much earlier to Manjaro/Arch than the others distro’s out there and this is a big plus… I remember when i had to replace my creative x-fi soundcard with the creative AE-5 and the new Kernel which supported the new Hardware was there right in time, thanks to Manjaro.

On the other hand i had a big nvidia flickering driver issue
in 2023, where people from Mint/Ubuntu could evade it because of the old drivers, while i had to deal with it and forced me to report this issue to the nvidia developers and even then, it took 6-7 month till the problem was finally solved… this problem is mainly a blame to nvidia then to Manjaro but Arch/Manjaro have to deal with this problems in the first stage.

So our distribution is a two edged sword and not perfect or superior to Linux Mint.

Btw. the forum is full of german people, we just all speak english to give International Support to everyone. I was suprised to find out, how many people actually speak german in this forum and im one of them.


:slight_smile: I do that!-:slight_smile:

Hallo @Tut_tut und willkommen in der Manjaro-Community

Das Manjaro-Forum ermöglicht das Posten in mehreren Sprachen. Es gibt eine separate Sprachenkategorie, in der Sie Beiträge veröffentlichen können, und es gibt viele deutsche Mitglieder.

Ansonsten scheint Google Translate eine gute Wahl zu sein, und Mitglieder scheinen es oft mit einigermaßen gutem Erfolg zu nutzen; so wie ich es hoffentlich jetzt bin.

Prost. :slight_smile:

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So, after a few days and a lot of research, I have my beloved XFCE back! I read that the main distribution of Manjaro is supposed to be XFCE, which is what the developers are focusing on. KDE crashed several times on my notebook and couldn’t keep the set displays on both monitors.
I have used Xubuntu for several years. This distribution also could not be installed correctly on my newer notebook, which is on a docking station (Lenovo X1 Carbon, 6th Gen.). That’s why I first came to Linuxmint and now to Manjaro XFCE! So far XFCE is running really well and fast! Let’s see… :wink: :blush:


Hey! If it works for you, it works for you… :man_shrugging: nothing wrong with that!
At least, if you stay in the Linux word…

What a great distribution Manjaro xfce is! After a week of use on my main computer, better than Linuxmint-Cinnamon. I have a much better feeling of security! For example, Thunderbird does not automatically open links in the browser. Clamav finds no suspicious links on the first run! I already knew the XFCE settings from Ubuntu, and it works the same way here with Manjaro! And the system is really fast. :+1:

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