Swaybar revisited

I posted earlier about the weather output on the swaybar reporting the temperature in Centigrade. I wanted it reported in Fahrenheit.

The solution I found was:

  • amend weather.py (/usr/share/sway/scripts/weather.py),
    change all instances of temperatureC, temp_C, etc to temperatureF, temp_F

  • amend /etc/xdg/waybar/config to change temperatureC to temperatureF

There is probably a way to do this in ~/.config to override the defaults, but this worked for me

You probably refer to this: desktop-settings/community/sway/usr/share/sway/scripts at sway · Manjaro-Sway/desktop-settings · GitHub, which is the Manjaro Sway edition for x86_64 PCs and not the one for ARM devices. Even so both have some things in common they are maintained by different ppl. So best is to open a GitHub issue with them I guess… @boredland ?

There already is an open issue to add support for that deprecated unit: feature request: fahrenheit option for weather module · Issue #203 · Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway · GitHub

And the unit is called Celsius by the way.

Calling Fahrenheit “deprecated” is not helpful, because where it is still used, there are no plans to change it.

And the same country also commonly calls Celsius degrees “centigrade”, so it is also not fair to blame the user for using that term.

And actually, both Celsius (centigrade) and Fahrenheit are weird shifted units, the only temperature unit that physically makes sense is the Kelvin (which is also the SI unit for temperature), though no country actually uses that in daily life. (But with that, there is yet another endless debate on whether one should write °K as for the other temperature units, or just K, because Kelvin is actually a real unit and not a shifted one.)

If it has vanished from most parts of the globe, and no-one newly adopts it, I think that word is just fine.

According to wiki everyone has been phasing out centigrade since 1946.

Anyway: it should be no big effort to support the deprecated Fahrenheit units.

Fact is, at least last I checked, US TV weather reports still used the term “centigrade”, when they even bothered mentioning anything other than Fahrenheit at all.

for weather.py, you could now try the manjaro-sway-settings-git version: feature request: fahrenheit option for weather module · Issue #203 · manjaro-sway/manjaro-sway · GitHub