Swaybar revisited

I posted earlier about the weather output on the swaybar reporting the temperature in Centigrade. I wanted it reported in Fahrenheit.

The solution I found was:

  • amend weather.py (/usr/share/sway/scripts/weather.py),
    change all instances of temperatureC, temp_C, etc to temperatureF, temp_F

  • amend /etc/xdg/waybar/config to change temperatureC to temperatureF

There is probably a way to do this in ~/.config to override the defaults, but this worked for me

You probably refer to this: desktop-settings/community/sway/usr/share/sway/scripts at sway · Manjaro-Sway/desktop-settings · GitHub, which is the Manjaro Sway edition for x86_64 PCs and not the one for ARM devices. Even so both have some things in common they are maintained by different ppl. So best is to open a GitHub issue with them I guess… @boredland ?