Sway proper way to change wallpaper?

Hello Manjaro ,
How do you change your wallpaper in sway using feh?
I mean there are so many config files where to put wallpaper settings?
in etc/sway directory or somewhere else?
and what is the proper command to change the wallpaper
because when I tried to change it from /etc/sway directory it’s not changing.
where shall i need to put it?

Hi, I have feh set up to select a random picture from my wallpaper directory ($HOME/.local/share/wallpapers) in i3. To do this I have created a $HOME/.fehbg file, that is made executable, with the following:

feh --no-fehbg --bg-center --randomize ~/.local/share/wallpapers/*

This is then autostarted in my local config file (for me, $HOME/.config/i3/config) as so (I include the --no-startup-id option in my i3 config, but it’s not used by sway in wayland so omitting it here):

exec $HOME/.fehbg

There are various other ways to autostart, but I find this the simplest. I hope that helps.

I have a much more easy solution for this
see the picture
it’s given by developer of Manjaro sway

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