Sway Profile builds

Where do I find the latest stable and testing releases of the Sway profile?

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downloading, thanks.
anyone familiar with CJK/sway/wayland input method?
refer to ArchWiki fcitx or ibus, with no luck.

pi4, wifi not work.

Could you please check if this helps: No Wi-Fi device found -- Sway on Raspberry Pi 400 - #3 by appelgriebsch

Pi 400 is a different animal. There was an issue last week with the linux-firmware package upgrade with the pi4 wifi. I repackaged the upstream linux-firmware package and put it in the repo as an overlay. A system upgrade with -Syu should install the new one if you have not done it.

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no wlan0 bring up.


Don’t get it…

ifconfig, can not found wlan0.

Seems this issue has been discussed at length here (New Raspberry Pi Kernels & Related Packages - #359 by Rip2) and is not specific to the Sway profile…

no, that was 10 days ago.
and now related packages are patched & updated, kernel firmware… .etc.
but your sway build-img wifi not work.

Post the output of systemctl --type=service

0222.img wifi work.

Based on the work of @Strit and the whole Manjaro team for automatic image builds on GitHub I was able to create a build repo for the Sway profile (GitHub - manjaro-arm-community/sway-images).

It offers pre-release builds on the testing branch on irregular basis (usually when some improvements have been incorporated into the Sway profile), as well as stable releases on a bi-monthly release cycle in accordance to the ManjaroARM stable release announcements here.

Builds are created for Raspberry Pi 4+, Pinebook Pro and the original Pinebook.

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