Swapping SD Card from 4 GB Pi 4b to 8 GB Pi 4b

As the topic says, I’m curious if this is all it would take to get an 8 GB Pi 4b up and going if I wanted to upgrade from my 4G model.

Would this even work? I’ve been futzing around trying to get a new docker container up for a week, and I finally got it, but it’s made me paranoid about things that seem easy.

Hi @johntdavis84,

I am no expert and haven’t tried it. However, I suspect it might be as easy as:

  1. Creating an image, like the one originally downloaded, of the current SD card
  2. Writing said image to the new SD card,
  3. using the new bigger SD card instead of the older, smaller one.

This can also be achieved without making an image, using dd if both SD cards can be connected at the same time. Something like the following:

sudo dd if=/dev/<source_sd_card> of=/dev/<destination_sd_card> bs=5M

Keep in mind that the instructions are for linux. I’m sure the process can be duplicated on Windows, just not…really…interested? (I Don’t know if that’s the right concept) in bothering.

Hope this helps.

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To add swap on my arm devices or X_86 64 bits devices I follow this link, it works


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Yes you can take your current sdcard and put it in a new pi4 8G and it will boot. And as mentioned above you can clone your current sdcard and the clone will work.

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It should work without problems. Yesterday I moved SD card from RPi3 to RPi4 without any issues.

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Thanks, @Darksky, and everyone else. That’s great news. I was expecting more complications than that.

I wasn’t sure if there wasn’t some small tweak in the 8GB model that might make Manjaro unhappy when I swapped the cards.

I’ve begun implementing some micro-services, and realized I might end up running into memory issues at some point in the future. A simple card swap will make upgrading easy.

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