Swap File slows startup down

My Issue

Recently i tried to boot into Manjaro on my Laptop. But after i started my Laptop i realized that it is already booting up for 3 minutes. After that it worked, but before i got into the login window it showed me this Error .

Extra Info:

  1. I Encrypted my Laptop with LUKS
  2. I use BTRF’s

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

It looks more like you have or had a SWAP partition that its trying to mount.

From the information you provided, we don’t know whether the UUID changed or if its’ because of your encryption or what, but that seems to be the issue. It’s looking for that partition UUID to use for swap … cant find it … looks for 3 minutes … never finds it … and eventually boots anyways.


  • Deactivate swap if you don’t use it
  • Change your swap config to use the right UUID, if you do use it .
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How can i deactivate Swap ?

This should tell you how to handle SWAP:

But your issue likely stems also from an entry in /etc/fstab that should be augmented or removed.

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Ok thanks i will try this and will later post feedback how it went.

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