Swap file size when the computer is off

When a Manjaro computer is off, does swapfile (/swapfile) stay the same size it is when the computer is on?

Does it go out of existence?

Does it remain extant but assume a different size?


My Manjaro is a virtual machine created in VMware Workstation.

I have set its swapfile to 5120 MB to match the RAM size, per this post: Increase swap to file - #2 by bogdancovaciu

I am wondering, when I turn off the machine to archive a copy, whether I would get an archive size that is 5120 MB bigger than it would otherwise be.

There may be a way to examine the contents of a VM without powering it on, but I don’t know how that is done.

Also I am working toward a “physical” Manjaro. When I create a system image with something like Clonezilla, the same question may arise about swapfile size (although I realize, even where swapfile retains its size with the computer off, the imaging software may do something to make it smaller in the image). Thanks.


No. :slight_smile:

No. :slight_smile:


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