SVP (SmothVideo Project) giving error

Trying to convert video to 60fps but got the error
here is the log file

21:18:35.787: ===== Starting mpv ======
21:18:35.787: Command line: /usr/bin/mpv /mnt/be9fd59c/clips/trainonroad.mp4 --o=/mnt/be9fd59c/clips/trainonroad.SVP.temporary.mkv --no-audio --no-sub --no-sub-auto --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvencodesocket --input-media-keys=no --no-msg-color --vf=vapoursynth:/home/sim/.local/share/SVP4/scripts/ --of=matroska --ovc=libx264 --ovcopts=preset=slow,crf=18,threads=3
21:18:36.009: Option vf: vapoursynth doesn't exist.
21:18:36.009: Error parsing option vf (option parameter could not be parsed)
21:18:36.009: Setting commandline option --vf=vapoursynth:/home/sim/.local/share/SVP4/scripts/ failed.
21:18:36.009: Exiting... (Fatal error)
21:18:36.016: (!!!) Intermediate file may be broken: /mnt/be9fd59c/clips/trainonroad.SVP.temporary.mkv
21:18:36.016: ===== mpv exited with code 1 =====

it says “vapoursynth doesn’t exist” but it was pre installed

it says that the option parameter can’t be parsed (it can’t make “sense” of what you are trying to tell it),
not that “vapoursynth” doesn’t exist

when I run:
mpv --vf help
a video filter named “vapoursynth” is not among the filters listed

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vapoursynth is NOT part of the default “mpv” package from the repositories.

instead, try to install “mpv-git” from aur AFTER you have installed vapoursynth. then, mpv is being built with vapoursynth support.
you can confirm this by searching the terminal output of compiling “mpv-git”.


No, but it is a dependency of svp-bin in the AUR. :wink:

@Char How did you install SVP?

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it was in AUR, I installed it from there

mpv --vf help                                                                                                                          1 ✘ 
Error parsing commandline option vf: option requires parameter
Make sure you're using e.g. '--vf=value' instead of '--vf value'.
Exiting... (Fatal error)

So I only need to install mpv-git from AUR since vapoursynth was pre-installed in manjaro , right?


mpv-git (mpv-full-git, mpv-amd-full-git, mpv-full-build-git) (optional) – needed for mpv vapoursynth support

It’s an optional dependency. That is why you where not “forced” to replace the mpv version you already have.

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Thank you so much everyone :smile:

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